About Us

Mann Capital Management Corporation (MCM) is a fully integrated company that specializes in the investment, financing, construction and property management of commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings. We cover the full spectrum of the development process in an effort to provide our clients with exceptional value. We are very disciplined and ensure our projects are on time and budget. Our reputable experience and detailed upfront planning in Project Management further allows us to guarantee we achieve these results every time.

By running operations from conception to completion, we are able to provide quality projects and significant benefits to our clients.

We work with our architects to produce quality projects by paying close attention to detail and implementing the latest technical innovations, construction methods and environmental processes. Our trade’s people, who have worked with our company for many years, understand that superior workmanship and customer service is key to MCM.

Benefits to our clients come from various initiatives. One of which includes, economies of scale with purchasing. This enables MCM to provide clients with a great product at the lowest cost. Additionally, during the construction phase we can reallocate our resources and teams to quickly meet the changing demands of a project, instead of waiting on external providers. These are just a few examples of how MCM saves time, lowers costs and utilizes resources in the most cost-effective way. Ultimately, this allows MCM to build successful projects in all sectors of the development industry and enables our clients to receive the highest quality at a competitive price.

Since its inception in the early 1990s, MCM has developed properties in prominent locations in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia and parts of Western and Central Canada. At present, we have developments underway in the Lower Mainland, Northern British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.